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BLP has set itself apart from other furniture houses through the Stabilyne™ line of products, which is based on a patented seat core for knock down chair systems. Sales have been forecast to hit over 400.000 pieces by end-2015, by which time we will have supplied more than 1.000.000 chairs worldwide.

With ever growing demand from the commercial sector of our business, BLP is in the process of developing a Stabilyne commercial model and has already secured testing certificates for commercial grade Stabilyne™ chairs for the US market. This enables the chairs to be legally sold in businesses as they have surpassed strength and stability testing of over 200 kilograms.

Noticeably, Stabilyne™ products are such that, having first switched to this system, customers not only remain converts, but tend to switch other chairs in their ranges to this system as well.

To continue the success of the Stabilyne™ product line, BLP intends to expand the range with more designs, including bar chairs. At the same time, cost discipline will be maintained through the use of fabrics or alternative designs


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